Author: Joshua Nelson

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    Tips For Successful Fiberglass Pool Installation

    Fiberglass pools are considered to be the easiest form of swimming pools to install. For instance, you just need to dig a hole and drop the pool in. Although theoretically, that is correct, in reality, it is quite different. White’s Pools are simply the best in this area. Usually, installers make some mistakes and having a poorly installed pool in your premise will make your family unhappy. Thus, if you consider buying fiberglass pool, then you need to know these successful tips for fiberglass pool installation.

    Fiberglass pool installation

    Solid foundation

    This may appear to be quite obvious. However, it is the main reason for the failure of most pool installations. In this case, you need to consider the following: Setting a pool shell on soil that is disturbed. Sometimes when the excavator is digging deep, there is a tendency to restore the area using the same soil. This is a big mistake most installers make. Instead, you should use the compactable base material.t2wedhwedj2i8kj22

    Sound pool leveling

    You should note that fiberglass is just a single piece unit, you should not expect that it will perfectly level. In most instances, the pool is likely to be an inch out of level. A good company should try to reduce to at least a half inch.

    Sound plumbing

    Plumbing is quite important in pool installations. This is because leakages are some of the serious problems that swimming pools face. Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done to prevent leaks:

    Secure the plumbing

    Since fiberglass requires a lot of backfill material, it is advisable to secure the plumbing. This is to prevent it from moving.

    Using rigid PVC pipe

    There are two major types of the PVC pipes that are used in inground pools: rigid pipe and flex pipe. Although a flex pipe easily contours to the shape of a pool, it is not ideal for quick installation.g2w3ed6chw7edj298i22

    Pressure testing

    You should never neglect pressure testing. It is good to discover the leak now than later, particularly if you have already poured concrete patio, it will be too late.

    Sound backfill procedure

    The process of backfilling the pool can have serious consequences when it is not done as required. When backfilling is not done as required, it can result in crooked and bulged walls.

    The above are some proven tips that can help you have proper fiberglass pool installation. Ensure you hire a reputable pool installer with a wealth of experience.…